Day 4 – Why change? (A4, B1, C1)


Sometimes you just want to wear something totally relaxed. Something that looks and feel like that old washed-out t-shirts from back in the days. Right? But maybe just a tad neater, for work or evening meetings? Ta-da! Enter A4! The latest addition to the Thousand Days Of Hope And Glory project! The relaxed t-shirt! Read more

Day 1 of 1.000! (A1, B1, C1)


First day of the project! My mathematical experiment – Thousand Days Of Hope And Glory. Yes!

Finished these three designs just in time for today. My first combination! And at the same time the very first items from our three categories A – A top, B – Bottom and C – Cover! Read more

First garment! (Of 30.)


Getting ready for Thousand Days Of Hope And Glory! And I’m in a hurry!! The project is planned to start tomorrow and I already need 3 garments for first day’s look! No time to waste. (Becase as of today, I have non.) Read more

Endurance! (Good or bad?)


5 days ago I run a marathon. It was one of the warmest ones in Copenhagen Marathon’s history! Wow! That was a really, really hot day! With the sun beaming from a clear blue sky, and almost no shadows in sight. Such a beautiful experience! Read more