First garment! (Of 30.)


Getting ready for Thousand Days Of Hope And Glory! And I’m in a hurry!! The project is planned to start tomorrow and I already need 3 garments for first day’s look! No time to waste. (Becase as of today, I have non.)

Since each garment is supposed to be worn 100 times, I must choose carfully. It has to be wearable, it has to be resilient, and I should really like to wear it. And  every item should be combinable with all the other garments in each of the other two categories. So I went for black. And I went for a denim jacket first.

Due to the intense time-restriction, I skipped the pattern-making and went directly for an old pattern (which I of course also have made), hoping it will fit. Otherwise – well, alternations is as mentioned before allowed in the project. So I can always adjust it later on.

After cutting with almost no waste, each and every seam should be turned and stitched to get that resilient and typical denim stitch. And here is how I do it. First I stitch the the parts together with a quick stitch placing the sides on top of each other.

Then I press one side tight over the other.

And turn the seam over and press again.

The raw edges are now compleatly covered, and ech side hug and grip into the other forming an incredible resilient seam (since the stitch itself won’t be “pulled”).

Time for top-stitching! Made on a really strong and powerful vintage leather machine. First one side.

And then back on the other side.

There! Two finished seams on the front part!

Continuing with front pockets and pocket flaps!

Here, showing the pocket opening under the flap itself.

Adding front yoke.

Adding sleeves.

Adding collar.

And suddenly… there the whole thing starts to take form! A neck hang loop is also added.

There it is! First garment of the planned 30! (Still without buttonholes though – but that’s ok.) The jacket I s called C1, or Cover 1. Tomorrow I will make A1 and B1, to get my first full outfit for Day 1. Let’s do it! Tomorrow. See you there!

– Sten Martin / DTTA


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