Day 5 – Adding blue. (A2, B2, C1)


Deadlines! Having a slight fever. A bit tired. Lagging behind. Feeling a little blue… what to do?

Maybe if I add one of the other ingredients, the cake will bake much better? If I head over in one of the other categories I could possibly save myself some time due to the combination possibilities? Let’s try that!

Those were my thoughts earlier today – so I made a pair of slightly oversized classic blue jeans. I call them B2, and it’s now item no. 7 in the Thousand Days Of Hope And Glory project. I’m wearing them with the A2 t-shirt. (And the C1 jacket.)

I made them, the jeans, in a slightly lighter denim fabric that will fade much faster than the black ones – but still as a natural fade of course.

How I made them? Well… let’s look into that tomorrow! Is that okay with you?

Have a splendid day!

– Sten Martin / DTTA


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