Day 18 – Do you have time enough? (A2, B2, C2)


Timing your work can be extremely stressful. Do you add some extra time to make it perfect, do you just stop and accept the result, or do you distribute the time at hand for a more even process?

Chapter 1 – The Project’s dilemma.

Mathematical projects can be so unemotional. You make a plan. You follow the rules. Success is then within reach. How hard can it be? Enter, feelings.

Thoughts. Contemplations. Worries. Questions. Have I time enough? Will it work? Should I opt for something more advanced? It’s like a roller-coaster! And you are right there in the front-seat!

The list above was much needed, and very helpful indeed after the initial few easy days. Now it helps me keeping track on all the garments and combinations. Today it showed me I had exactly three choises left before running out of options. So I just picked the first free one, and marked it D18* (Day 18).

What I also could see is that I only have two days left for making another garment. Do I have time enough to make something extraordinary? Or Should I go for something practical, that I just can wear comfortably for 100 days? The dilemma of wanting more hours, but at the same time maybe having enough of them, if used right. To plan far ahead and make great decisions that actually work vs. freefloating creativity! Time to make a choise.

Chapter 2 – Investing in a collection! Time well spent?

Continued the day with the production of our menswear Bespoke Era summer collection for next year. It should be ready soon. I’m making the shorts, chinos and t-shirts at the moment in wonderfully vibrant colors. I like it!

But as usual it takes a lot of time. Time which is noted, checked and filed. I always tend to imagine that items would (or could) be swiftly assembled – an optimist! The reality though, is that it takes exactly the amount of time I invest to get the level of quality I want to achieve. In other words – if I upgrade the garment for aesthetic or resilience reasons, or both, it will take longer to make. Something I’m very aware of.

So how much time should be invested in samples of creative visions? Well… it depends how much time you have to invest. A decision you have to make, if you’re self-employed. But if you ask me, the answer is that I like to present visions clear and precise. Because, then the next garment, in the same style, for a customer, will go just a little bit faster, and will look slightly more coherent.

So I would say, don’t go overboard! Don’t try to achieve all at once! Instead, make your projects in a scale you can comprehend, and do it well. That’s time we’ll spent!

– Sten Martin / DTTA


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