Day 10 – Fresh ‘n’ fade. (A5, B2, C1)


Some things are fresh ‘n’ white, others fade slowly. The keeping of some things tidy, and the letting-go of other items while enjoying its roughness, has always been fascinating to me. Why do we treasure that some things look older, when we at the same time want other things to look brand new?

These jeans for instance, is already starting to get wrinkles where I bend and turn! And I only used them for six days. Knees is also quit wisible in its shape. I like that! Becase it’s my wearing that’s starting to show. Not an artificial ready-made added thingy – but instead my own history together with the garment. It’s starting to shape itself after my body.

This t-shirt on the other hand is clean-cut and all new. Not even with logos or branding (since I did it myself). I like the neat freshness! But, a little life in it would also be ok. I’m actually looking forward to its first wash, after which most garments gets softer and more breathable – and even more comfortable!

So let’s study the garnets’ changing nature alongside the project’s ongoing wash ‘n’ wear! After all, I’m going to wear each garment 100 times so some change is expected, right? Maybe even in me!

– Sten Martin / DTTA


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