Day 10 – Fresh ‘n’ fade. (A5, B2, C1)


Some things are fresh ‘n’ white, others fade slowly. The keeping of some things tidy, and the letting-go of other items while enjoying its roughness, has always been fascinating to me. Why do we treasure that some things look older, when we at the same time want other things to look brand new? Read more

Are we going backwards…? (Reclaiming pattern-making!)


Making garments have never been easier and quicker. That’s what any salesperson within the digital 3D-rendering pattern-making trade will tell you. In just moments you can design full garments on a virtual mannequin they say. But is that true? And what kind of garment will it really be? Let’s quickly discuss that. But first, a little trip down history lane. Just to understand where it all came from. The technical skill of drafting garments, that is. Read more