Day 27 – How to construct a pattern. Part 2. (A4, B2, C3)


How did it go yesterday? Did you finish those two pattern pieces? Great! So let’s continue our pattern-making!

Remember that the pattern-pieces we have to make for this denim jacket are quite many. Actually fourteen of them! Here’s a list…

  • Top Center Front and Facing
  • Lower Center Front and Facing
  • Front Panel
  • Side Front
  • Pocket Flap ✔
  • Pocket Bag
  • Yoke ✔
  • Center Back
  • Side Back
  • Top Collar
  • Under Collar
  • Top Sleeve
  • Under Sleeve
  • Cuff

Two of them we already made yesterday. The Pocket Flap and the Yoke. Here are three more!

When lways start with your vertical center line (A), which also works as the thread direction. Then place the measurements on that line, starting at the top with 0 (zero) and going downwards, here with 1 cm, 12 cm, and 14 cm continuously.

Draw lines to the side, both left and right, and also place measurements here. And finish off with drawing the outline of the pattern piece, going from mark to mark, preferable using a ruler. All done! Time for the next one!

Here’s the center back. It’s practical to just draw half of the pattern piece, and then fold the paper and copy the first side over to the other side.

Remember that the shape of these sketches are not accurate. They just show how to make it and suggests the shape for you. Knowing that, you can use the same sketches for different sizes by just alternating the numbers in the drawing. So make sure you don’t expect the exact same shape – just something similar.

Finally the Side Back! Her you can alternate the pattern for a rounder back if you’d like. Just re-shape the top of the pattern piece somewhat, by shifting it slightly to the left. In that way you’ll creating a hidden dart in the seam when stitching it together with the center back piece later on. It’s up to you if you want to use this alternation or not.


Good luck with the pattern pieces! Above is today’s project combination. See you tomorrow for more construction drawings!

Sten Martin / DTTA


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