Day 21 – Welcome A6 ! (A6, B2, C2)


Finally time for a new garment! Made under a slightly pressed timetable, it’s a black version of the white A5 t-shirt with some minor alternations. I like this design – it’s super comfortable!

The style is slightly oversized with cropped but neatly hemmed sleeves. The neckline rib is wide and cut a bit away from the neck. The hemming is wide.

I opted for the quickest solution, that still gives me four more days with different combinations. So soon I need to make a new garment!

This is how the combination looked today! And now this new t-shirt will also be worn for an additional 99 days – a total of 100 – during the 979 days I have left of the project.

The denim jacket is actually just newly washed, by hand. Let’s see how that was done tomorrow! See you there! And have a wonderful day!

– Sten Martin / DTTA


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