Day 15 – Can mathematics be creative? (A5, B1, C1)


5-1-1…? Or should I take 3-2-2…? How many times did I really wear that favorite ice-wash jacket? Will I really wear each garment exactly 100 times?

So many questions! I suddenly felt things was getting a bit confusing and difficult this morning, trying to keep track on both garments and combinations in the Thousand Days Of Hope And Glory project. Not to wear the same combination more than once for 1.000 days wasn’t all that easy-breezy after all. It was high time to make a list!

So I started to write down the info on the garments I had, first.

Five t-shirts. That was easy. And since garments I was wearing over the waist was categorized as A (for A top), I noted those as A1-5. So far so good.

Then I had made two trousers which I called B (for Bottom), so that was noted as B1-2. And the same with jackets (or Covers as I called them), two of them. So that was noted as C1-2.

Then the mathematics for my combination possibilities. With the garments I had, it would calculate as 5 x 2 x 2 = 20. That was 20 days of different combinations! And I was only on day 15. Apparently it was lot’s to choose between then!

Next up I noted all the possible combinations in a list, and also checked the ones I had already used. D was the letter I gave each project day, combined with a ordered number. The result felt really strange! Like… Haven’t I really had that on yet? Or… Didn’t I have that on just last week…?

The list seemed to show that after the first couple of days, when everything was new, it started to become rather random what I choosed to wear. Not systematically at all! (Which I thought it would be!) I also started to have the feeling, that some specific combinations I just wanted to wear every day! But then again, that was not allowed by the project.

So I just picked a free combination, and took it on. Easy!

The combination picked, was 5-1-1. And I was actually amazed over the fact that I hadn’t been used that before – becase I was almost certain that I had! But after consulting my everyday photo documentation, it showed me my list was correct.

But still, I find it rather mind boggling how fast the combination possibilities speed up for every new garment I make! I realized quite clearly, that even very few garments can be combined in noumerous new ways.

The question now is, can I call this creativity when I create and combine these relativity few garments? Or is it just plain mathematics? And, can creativity be of the practical sort, bringing comfortable solutions to the table? Or is it only unpractical and attention-grabbing ideas that can be labeled as creative? What is really “designing a garment” to you?

– Sten Martin / DTTA


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