Day 13 – Is this a tailor? (A4, B1, C2)


Weekend! Yes! But of course I’m still at work, trying to wrap things up allthough I’ve got so much to do. Customers assignments to attend. New ideas to get systemized. Visions to put on paper (well… pixels). And a working day that sometimes can present itself a bit scattered – all over the place. How to do it all simultaneously?

So I’m thinking – what did I actually sign up for, when I choosed this very specific path of work-life? And what did I imagine it would be like, to embark into a tailoring career?

I think the absolute truth is, that I never really got the vision. It was more of a slow search of tools that I could use to solve the problems I encountered while trying to create a version of myself, that I felt was the very true one. It kind of evolved naturally step by step.

I most certainly felt I needed some specific things to compleat me, which I couldn’t get. And I probably felt I needed to know some certain knowledges in order to make those very things things, I couldn’t get. And then, suddenly, there I was titulated as a tailor. But… what is a tailor really? Can a tailor have opinions on existential topics? Can a tailor maybe design things? Could a tailor possible have ideas on the future? And, is there a certain way a tailor should act, be and look like?

I think most people destinctevly separates tailors as producing and altering suits. But really, there’s so much more! Clothes can be almost anything! Anything you need, to be the true you.

Anyway… today I totally made a belt to be serged in to this project. It’s called X2. It reminds me of the late 1970’s. And together with that, I’m wearing A4, B1 and C2.

987 days to go!

– Sten Martin / DTTA


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