Trying something new !


It’s now! Right now! You finally decided to create a great collection! But how to do that? How to get it done?

First, you head over to your favorite tailoring academy. And then you make a choise. If you’re experienced and just want it all made – in best quality possible – you should choose Unfold Your Vision, and we will help you make it.

But, if you’re an absolut beginner and have never made a garment before, I would suggest you’d choose I Want To Interact. And there, you can just start exploring, all the wonderful possibilities tailoring itself can offer you – and also, start asking questions about it!

Maybe you just want to be entertained, then choose Inspiration. It’s completely free! A daily dosis.

Or if you want to go to class, and research a project together with others, choose Time To get Serious!

It’s that simple! A free-thinking and independent tailoring academy! It’s our new version of a safe-space, where you can discuss, learn and develop your own garment-making techniques further.

Since our passion and mission always has been to explain how innovative and well-fitted quality garments are made, we thought it would be interesting to turn everything on it’s head! To meet you, where you’re at – instead of you, traveling and adapting to us! To help you solve your problems directly when you have them, and where you have them – instead of you following an already fixed path of learning. In other words, now you decide what to learn. And when. And in what order!

One could say, it’s almost like streaming knowledge! Or leasing your learning! By discussions and projects had at the academy, you will quickly start developing new ways of how to use, and view, quality design and tailoring! Are you ready? We are!

But hey… you might say! Wait a minute! Haven’t we forgot something? What if someone just want one of those traditional one-to-one individual courses, like in the old days? What then? Well… no worries. We got you covered! We saved those over at It’s All About Tailoring. As they say – when you try something new, always be sure to still save the original. Right?

– Sten Martin / DTTA


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