T.D.O.H.A.G. – The prequel!


The idea is actually quite simple.

  1. Take one person.
  2. Design 10 trousers (or skirts), 10 tops (or shirts), and 10 “covers” (as in jackets, windbreakers or coats).
  3. Make the garments.
  4. Wear them 100 times each.
  5. That would give a total of 1.000 combination possibilities.

Let’s take that one more time! 30 garments, divided into three groups. Combine them with each other and that will give you a whole new outfit, every day, for 1.000 days.  10 x 10 x 10 = 1.000. Rather obvious one could say – but still kind of amazing! That’s almost three years!

So what’s the hook here? Well, a few actually! Let’s break it down into a couple of questions:

1. Which kind garments should it be? Hm… to make the calculation work we’ll need three categories. My suggestion is a very simple setup called A, B, C. A would stand for “a top”. (Clever, right?) B would stand for bottom. And C for cover (it all). Together, a fully dressed person.

2. What should the garments look like? It’s all up to you. The challenge though, is that all of the pieces in each and every category, should be  combinable with every piece in the other two categories! So think it through properly! Do I need something for weddings? And can I wear that piece 100 times… in some way? (Alternations is okay.)

3. Can a garment endure 100 times of wear? I certainly hope so! You have to make it durable. (Mending and repairing is okay.)

4. What about additional clothing? Well the focus will not be on that part – just on the three categories. But preferably the other items should be self-produced also

5. How much time do we have for preparations? Almost non. Starting Maj 20th 2018. 4 days.

So what do you think? Will you join me? Just to show that lesser garments in good quality maybe still can give you lots of possibilities to look fresh – every day!

Thousand Days Of Hope And Glory! T.D.O.H.A.G. Let’s do it! Right?

– Sten Martin / DTTA


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