The allure of AI – and the problem called… Sten Martin?

“There will be no algorithms. No commercials. No data harvesting. No AI. Just you and me both.”

That’s what it says within the new updated version of the 28 year old tailoring academy DTTA. Also, “A new way of learning.” But what is that? And is it true? And isn’t just AI the buzzword of the moment? How could someone not want to use that? Read more

Creating silhouettes! An introduction.

A toile is a most admirable thing to me – a result of ideas, tailoring technique, process planning and 3D experience evaluation mixed together, where all the ingredients has to be in balance with each other. A quality garment mock-up. A test garment, if you like. A century-old technique loved by many, but also often frown upon by people in a hurry. Read more

Saving a coat – Part 1.

Mending – or saving as I usually call it – is a word seldom used today. When something accidentally is torn apart or worn to pieces, it is usually thrown away. But sometimes a garment can actually be your absolute favorite, or for some other reason be valuable enough to save. What to do? Start mending! Read more

Tailoring needs endurance, planning and patience – lots of it!

Sometimes making a tailored garment will make you feel like you’re absolutely preparing for a marathon. Same routine every day! Hours and hours invested in building up that good solid foundation. And still, every step has to be taken with caution; How will I preform today? Are there things that will effect my efforts in a good or bad way? Will I be interrupted? Can I fully control everything around me, including me myself? No, of course I cannot – control everything around me. But at least I can give it my best try! Read more