The allure of AI – and the problem called… Sten Martin?


“There will be no algorithms. No commercials. No data harvesting. No AI. Just you and me both.”

That’s what it says within the new updated version of the 28 year old tailoring academy DTTA. Also, “A new way of learning.” But what is that? And is it true? And isn’t just AI the buzzword of the moment? How could someone not want to use that?

It’s quick, it’s economical, and it’s absolutely trendy!

And on top of that, how do we solve a problem like Sten Martin? The bespoke tailor that’s supposed to answer all the academy questions, be tutoring, innovative, and still stitch suits. Humans usually need to sleep. They misunderstand things. Are busy. And can be irritated sometimes. And tired. And stressed. Do we really need them?

But here’s the thing; AI mess up too! Big time. Especially when it comes to complex tailoring! Not that it hasn’t been tested. And still is.

There are thrown enormous amounts of money and work-hours into making that area of technology work. But it still, more often than not, does not.

But why? How hard can it be to make a shirt? Or a dress? Well… it turns out, very! Because of the 3D complexity of most garments. And the complexity of the human body and mind.

The difficult thing is to decide – together with the customer – what ease, comfort and ability to move actually should be, to please the customer. What is a tight fit to you? And how much extra movement and comfort should be added “for me to do like this”?

Even if you took 100 measurements and scanned the whole body, you still would have the same issue, with how to exactly describe “fashion”, “style”, “comfort” and “functionality” in precise words and amounts? Because you cannot – it changes all the time.

That’s why humans are great. A few questions, a glance at some sketches and the body at hand, a few measurements and a emotional “connection” is actually all that’s needed to make a wonderful wellfitted garment. You could more or less create anything! And why is that exactly? Well I don’t know. But I suspect it has something to do with flair, feelings, compassion, experience and passion.

Yes. Humans mess up all the time! But usually not as much as AI technology. So let’s be creative! Let’s discuss things! And learn. Let’s be fantastic! Let’s be human. Let’s not be afraid of the future.

– Sten Martin / DTTA


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