Day 16 – Teach. Make. Be. (A3, B1, C2)


Chapter 1 – Teach.

Got these images refreshed for me this weekend. It’s from one of my former student’s work – actually it’s a part of his exam project at my academy. His name is Torbjörn Bergström. I think the garments are so beautiful and a perfect example of well cut and crafted tailoring. The inspiration was Art Deco and the model’s name is Mille. The pictures are from around the turn of the century. Read more

Forever, and ever…! (The bridal choice.)


I always really liked the classic “couture house” idea from the turn of the last century. Meaning when everything – almost everything – is made under one roof. It makes the garments created there extremely coherent and very personal indeed. The customer and the tailor(-s) and other craftsmen involved will jointly and passionately work together on a vision, where all have a say. Never “oh well, this is what we could get”. And never “oh well, this is what we got”. Instead, always, “this is what we want, and will create”! Read more