Can denim jeans be made bespoke?


We often get that question. “Don’t you need a factory to make jeans?”

Well… No.

It’s all about making the right fit. Understanding the material. Getting the right fabric. Having a powerful industrial sewing machine – mine is from the 1970’s. And a good steam station. But a factory? I always skip that one.

I think it’s important to understand the history of a garment – technique, aura, feel and facts – before you create a newer own version. You want people to get onboard with your process to be able to appreciate your vision, right? Make them comfortable before you bring in the new. Correct?

I’ve been making denim garment since the 1980’s. I think we could try to experiment a bit with them now after 30+ years. Or should we just continue with the classics? What do you think? What’s next?

– Sten Martin / DTTA

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