How far do you want to go?

Learning about design and tailoring is a life-long journey. And it has to be structured! These are the five steps we have created especially for you. Which level are you at? Test yourself. And then move up!

Our five learning levels are further described here below, to help you choose.

1. The starting point. Learn what it’s all about! Stalk a tailor. Examen your clothes. Compare qualities. What is fashion? And what is craft? Get inspired!

2. Next level: Decide your path. Start to ask questions and try different things. Are you more of a stylist, putting already ready-made garments together? Or would you rather create your very own clothes? Discuss your topics. Start to interact!

3. Now when you have decided witch way to go, you really want to learn the basics. Take your time! Choose between topics and areas. Get serious!

4. Finally it’s time to design and make those garments you always wanted! Here, the focus is on making more and more garments – mini collections – to improve all your skills. To get experienced. It’s all about tailoring!

5. You have a vision. But your time is limited. You have things to do and places to be. You need help with getting it all done. Customers to take care of. Strategies to plan. We are here for you! We will help you unleash your creativity!

So which level is you? How far would you like to go? Let us know by simply writing to or send a text to +45 28 30 64 95. We will help you get further! No strings attached. More contact information here.