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As partners in your process of creating luxury fashion garments – even bespoke and couture items – we will always be here to help you reach your goals.

Fashion, Bespoke, Couture…

We can teach you new things about luxury garment making, taking old-school qualities and values and bringing them into today’s reality. Your reality.

Are you an absolute beginner? Or more advanced and experienced? We can help you understand complex routines, or take some of that work load of your back. Contact us and tell us what you need. Alexander@StenMartin.com will guide you through the process, and answer all your questions.


The Design and Technical Tailoring Academy – DTTA – has since 1989 been reinventing all the classic tailoring techniques to make them more understandable and easier to use for you.

We want cleverly cut and well made garments to be a part of your personal appearance, comfort and well-being.

Feel free to join us! Contact Alexander@StenMartin.com for more info.


Why Haute Couture infused luxury brands could be harmful to your creativity.

We are meant to believe that luxury fashion brands are the highest level of craft. Or design. Or maybe both. We are also in some way lead to believe that these brands suffer – that there aren’t enough customers to keep them going. That they need to cut down on craftsmanship. I think this story …



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Alexander will answer all your questions about us being a partner in your evolvement within the luxury garment production area. Feel free to contact us!