How far do you want to go?

Learning about design and tailoring is a life-long journey. And it has to be structured! These are the five steps we have created especially for you. Which level are you at? Test yourself. And then move up!

Our five learning levels are further described here below, to help you choose. Read more

Fashion, Bespoke, Couture…

Our specialty is taking old-school qualities and values, and bringing them into today’s reality. Your reality!

Are you an absolute beginner? Or more advanced and experienced within your field? We can help you understand complex routines, take some of that work load of your back, or maybe just inspire you to reach new and exciting goals? Read more


Day 26 – How to construct a pattern. Part 1. (A4, B2, C3)

Let’s dig into how to construct a pattern! Today’s just the soft warm-up, so we will only concentrate on the basics. See it as an intro, and then practice on your technique for tomorrow’s next lecture!

Remember that if you think it’s all a bit complicated and want to get more thourogh explanations, please feel free to contact for the subscription version, where you can discuss all topics with me further. Read more

Day 25 – Welcome C3 ! (A5, B2, C3)

Time for a new segment – Twelwe Days Of The C3 Blue Denim Jacket! During this segment we will look into how to actually make a jacket like this, from start, to end product.

The first day will be this project’s 25th day, and the last will be the 36th day (the last day of new combinations with the garments I currently have). Read more


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